Meet the
Global Coffee Trading

Ready to meet the group that causes palate envy at cuppings and brings you adventure coffee stories to your parties? Too late, we're coming for you! Our team is made up by all corners of the coffee industry and personalities mashed up from pop-punk, techno, bluegrass, Brazilian bossa nova and Rock en Español. We're a passionate group that enjoys hunting for those unique coffees from our relationships at origin and delivering it our clients. We invite you to read each of our bios below to see how wildly different each teammate can be.


Alice Hineline
Senior Trader

Dave Hong

Dave Planer

Doris Cortez
Accounting & Office Manager

Israel Paz
Mexico Country Director

Luis Lizardi
Sample Roaster & Sales

Pablo Lara
Origin Development & Marketing

Berenice Santos
Traffic & Logistics Coordinator

Rosario Castellon
Nicaragua & Honduras Country Director

Stephan Erkelens

Taylor Cassar
Junior Trader