Rosario Castellon
Nicaragua & Honduras Country Director

Rosario has worked for more than 20 years with agricultural cooperatives in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. She founded and was the first General Manager for Prodecoop, R.L., the first coffee export cooperative in Nicaragua. Rosario was also a founder and member of the Board of Directors–and later General Manager–of Soppexcca, R.L. She has worked with national and international NGOs, including Proyecto de Desarrollo Cooperativo Las Segovias (PDC). With Oxfam America she coordinated a quality project of coffee in Mexico wich was financed by Fundación Ford and Starbucks Coffee, improving the quality of coffee and access to markets. She also worked for almost five years with Equal Exchange, Inc., as a Manager of relations and purchasing with coffee producers in Latin America. Before joining Global Coffee Trading she worked for almost ten years with Root Capital, supporting small producers mainly coffee producers selling their coffee in the international market, and businessmen/women in cities and rural areas.

Favorite Album: Misa Campesina, Carlos Mejía Godoy

Phone: 505.862.5086/838.83869
Instagram: @castellonrosario