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In Santa Cruz de Juarez you are surrounded by natural beauty, from imposing mountains, spectacular waterfalls to the deepest caves in Oaxaca (33 miles deep and 34 miles long).

Ancestral indigenous traditions are still alive here The community practices the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Coffee producers in this area see this coffee growing as an ancestral custom. They value the fact that coffee does not clash with the local flora & fauna.

The producers of this microlot follow ancestral agricultural customs while simultaneously adopting new processing techniques. The immediate cupping feedback our Global team has been able to provide to these producers have proven to guide processing techniques thus improving cup quality year after year.

Global Ref. #: P065165.4
Producer and/or Farm: Integradora de Cooperati-vas Indigenas Oaxaqueñas (ICIO).
Translation: Cooperative Integrator for Indigenous People of Oaxaca
Location (country, region): Santa Cruz de Juarez, Oaxaca.
Harvest (months): March-May

Altitude (meters above sea level): 1934
Varietal: Typical and bourbon
Soil Type: Calcareous
Processing: Washed
Drying: Patios
Grade/Grain Pro: Specialty grade / eco tact
Certifications: N/A
Taste Profile/Cupping Notes: Port wine, black-berry, prune & round

Misc. Notes:

Santa Cruz de Juárez is located high in the municipality of Huautla de Jiménez in La Cañada, Oaxaca. The town is located at an average height of 1934 meters above sea level with a total population of 1371 people. Average tempe-ratures of 72 °F, a wet temperate climate with abundant rainfall.