Los Angeles Coffee Festival 2018


Tradeshows can often feel cold and corporate, Global Coffee Trading is not about that. Luckily our sister city of Los Angeles hosted the first ever Los Angeles Coffee Festival, organized by Allegra Events. This was Global’s debut at a tradeshow and we wanted to best represent our company ethos.  

We believe our job is to connect the two pillars of our industry: the producer and the roaster. We don't buy coffee like most; we don't always look for the cheapest price, the popular regions, or the trendy varieties. We buy most of our coffees with the distinct intention to inject dignity and empathy into the coffee industry. You can see it written all over the faces of the hard-working farmers that truly make this possible, and that's what makes it all worth it. This is why we love sourcing coffee in Mexico and promoting this origin as an up-and-coming specialty producer.


We decided to partner up with Ensambles Coffee of Veracruz, Cafetaleros de la Concordia from Chiapas, Neekuun Coffee from Veracruz and we brought Israel Paz, our Global Coffee Mexico Country Director. Together we brought the essence of Mexico to our booth, to make this a sensory experience we decided to showcase roasts of Mexican lots by our customers: Forge Coffee, Hope Coffee, Jones Coffee, Modern Times & Spanish Peaks. We also tried other origins roasted by Coffee & Tea Collective, Milka Coffee Roasters and 7 Seas Roasting.  These coffees were served as espressos thanks to a collaboration with Faema Espresso Machines who loaned us one of their beautiful E61 machines. 

The booth came to life thanks to our guests:


Gibran Cervantes of Ensambles(pictured on the left): Global Loteria Lots. Gibran charmed and educated the masses on Biodynamic farming practices. Beyond "responsible farming" biodynamic practices are regenerative intent on healing the planet through agriculture. 


Karina Arguello & Jose Arguello of Cafetaleros de la Concordia: Organic La Concordia Lot. The Arguello siblings enjoyed many firsts: their first trip to the U.S., first time cupping with the roasters of their coffee, and the first time eating a Taiwanese dessert with mung beans.


Javier & Eduardo Debernadi of Neekuun Coffee: El Olvido & Chachaxtla Lot.  These guys not only know how to manage multiple farms but can also pull amazing espresso shots and make killer pour-overs.

We paired these espressos with Oaxacan chocolate by Caracol Purpura, a boutique chocolatier from Oaxaca City. Pairings also included candied fruit brought over from Mexico City, including candied yams, pineapple, pears, oranges & prickly pear.