Guatemala Sourcing Summary


Huehuetenango has quickly become one of my favorite regions. I would dare to say that it is one of the regions with more diversity in flavors in all of Guatemala. Its mountainous areas are home to some of the most exotic and unique coffees. For me, working with producers from Huehuetenango is like having found a treasure chest. This year we have worked with small and medium producers including Faustino Gomez and Hector Pablo for our Todos Santos lot. The challenge here is infrastructure. The road for the Huehuetenango producing areas oscillate between 6-8 hours of road. It really is a challenge to enter the coffee growing areas. The roads are in poor condition, it is a mountainous and rocky area. But once you get to the destination, the challenge becomes not wanting to leave!  Huehuetenango is a majestic place. 

Every year, at the beginning of November and December, we travel to the different regions of Guatemala and visit coffee producers with whom we’ve worked before and we project the new harvest. During these visits we seek to learn results from the work we have done year after year while looking for the weakest points to improve. But there are factors that we cannot control, one of these factors are climatic changes. This year in Antigua, Guatemala we witnessed one of the strongest and most catastrophic eruptions of Volcán de Fuego’s history. The eruptions destroyed villages completely and many coffee plots ceased to exist due to lava and ash. Here the challenge will be time, a coffee plant takes 4 years to produce coffee. For many this is their first and only income and it is catastrophic to learn that they will not produce more coffee. Many of the producers we work with in Antigua have small plots on the slopes of this volcano and the biggest concern is not having their coffee for the 2019 harvest. The social economic situation of this affected area of great concern.