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Global Ref. #: P065165.1
Producer and/or Farm: Integradora de Cooperati-vas Indigenas Oaxaqueñas (ICIO)
Translation: Cooperative Integrator for Indigenous People of Oaxaca Insert List of Santa Cruz
Acatepec Producers:
Location (country, region): Santa Cruz Acatepec, Oaxaca
Harvest (months): March-May
Altitude (meters above sea level: 1400-1600
Varietal: Typical and bourbon
Soil Type: Calcareous
Processing: Washed
Drying: Patios


Grade/Grain Pro: Specialty grade / eco tact
Certifications: N/A
Taste Profile/Cupping Notes: Pleasant florals, fruit punch, chocolate & caramel.

Misc. Notes:
Santa Cruz Acatepec is in the La Cañada region of Oaxaca. Its territorial area is 8 square miles with a total population of 1470 inhabitants. Santa Cruz Acatepec sits high, between 1400 and 1600 meters above sea level. Here the climate is semi-warm and humid with an average temperature of 62 °F.