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Global Ref. #: P065165.5
Producer and/or Farm: Integradora de Cooperati-vas Indigenas Oaxaqueñas (ICIO).
Translation: Cooperative Integrator for Indigenous People of Oaxaca
Location (country, region): San Lucas Zoquiápam, Oaxaca.
Harvest (months): March-May
Altitude (meters above sea level): 1630
Varietal: Typical and bourbon
Soil Type: Calcareous
Processing: Washed
Drying: Patios



Zoquiápam is surrounded by mountains and hills where oaks, poplars and plum trees grow providing excellent shade to coffee trees. Currently coffee production here is at 200 tons annually, this is very little compared to what was harvested years ago. Growers say that production decreased due to a lack of support and resources. Characteristic of this village is the communal unity.

Misc. Notes:

San Lucas Zoquiápam is in the La Cañada region of Oaxaca. With a surface area of 40 square miles. Located at 1630 meters above sea level with 7250 inhabitants. An average annual rainfall from 1500 to 1800 mm makes for a temperate and humid climate.


Grade/Grain Pro: Specialty grade / eco tact
Certifications: N/A
Taste Profile/Cupping Notes: Butterscotch, creamy, & buttery.