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The main economic activity for the people of La Reforma are growing food crops they sell in nearby urban markets, such as corn, beans, bananas, oranges, guavas, chayotes, etc., together with coffee cultivation, making agriculture the main source of income for most families. The internal market in Mexico for specialty coffee is growing. Mexican roasters seek Oaxacan coffee from the La Cañada region because of the region’s success in Cup of Excellence. Coffee producers now have options when selling their coffee and the premium paid for high scoring lots is motivating producers to develop their processing techniques. Global has opted to work together with producers to improve coffee quality through training workshops, transparent cupping feedback and production financing.

Global Ref. #: P065165.6
Producer and/or Farm: Integradora de Cooperativas Indigenes Oaxaqueñas (ICIO).
Translation: Cooperative Integrator for Indigenous People of Oaxaca
Location (country, region): La Reforma, Yoloxochitlan, Oaxaca.
Harvest (months): March-May
Altitude (meters above sea level): 1559

Varietal: Typical and bourbon
Soil Type: Calcareous
Processing: Washed
Drying: Patios
Grade/Grain Pro: Specialty grade / eco tact
Certifications: N/A

Taste Profile/Cupping Notes: Lemon, holiday spices & almond.

Misc. Notes:

Reforma San Mateo is in the municipality of San Mateo Yoloxochitlan in the state of Oaxaca. Has an altitude of 1559 meters above sea level. 100% of its population is indige-nous and the total number of inhabitants is 685. The climate is semi-warm and humid with rainfall all year round, the range of preci-pitation is 2000-3000 mm. Average temperatures of 25 °C.