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La Corona

Global Ref. #: P000206
Producer and/or Farm: Epifanio Cruz García
Location (country, region): Finca Peñafiel, la Cañada, Oaxaca
Harvest (months): March-May
Altitude (meters above sea level): 2718 masl
Varietal: Bourbon & Typica
Soil Type: Calcareous
Processing: Washed, triple ferment
Drying: African beds
Grade/Grain Pro: Specialty grade / eco tact

Taste Profile/Cupping Notes: Bright, butter, caramel, chocolate, citrus, green apple, juicy, medium, sugar cane, sweet

Don Epifanio and his family worked hard this year to bring us this microlot, and the results are exceptional. Don Epifanio firmly believes that constant training and teamwork leads to a better harvest every year.

Misc. Notes:
Santa Cruz Acatepec is in the La Cañada region of Oaxaca. Its territorial area is 8 square miles with a total population of 1470 inhabitants. Santa Cruz Acatepec sits high, between 1400 and 1600 meters above sea level. Here the climate is semi-warm and humid with an average temperature of 62 °F.