In the fall of 2015, a small team huddled in a San Diego kitchen over good food and craft beers. By the end of the evening, the vision for creating a boutique coffee importer called Global Coffee Trading was born. The model, which would focus on empowering small roasters whose needs were premium microlots, quick delivery and split bags was formed. Since that time, Global has grown rapidly and now serves more than 220 customers in North America with needs as small as one bag to as big as several containers.

Today, Global works with 30 cooperatives, 8,000 smallholders and 50 estates from around the world, which was made possible by merging with Axiom Specialty Coffee in early 2017, who had been building cooperative infrastructure and investing in the farm-level supply chain for over three decades.

Global's business philosophy is simple. We believe in dignity throughout our entire supply chain from the smallholders we partner with to the roasters we supply to. When you choose to work with us, you combine unprecedented quality control expertise with a commitment to work with coffees that make the world a better place. Global has four Q-Graders on staff and over a 100 years of combined coffee expertise.

We look forward to working with you!


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